About Xpedite


Xpedite LLC provides comprehensive business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions to meet the
needs of a broad range of companies in many industries throughout Hawaii and the U.S. mainland.
Founded in 2013 with offices in Honolulu and Manilla, Xpedite’s cost-effective front- and back-office
office processes allow companies to concentrate on their core business and value-added activities
to boost overall profitability, freeing them from administrative, regulatory and process-oriented tasks,
many of which are not core to their actual product or service.

Xpedite’s current services include call center services, bookkeeping, virtual assistance,
property management, mortgage processing, quality control as well as compliance and records
management, among other services. Our skilled staff can help companies improve customer satisfaction
and loyalty while reducing operating costs and capital expenditures. We also offer the latest technologies
that include computers, telecommunications equipment and Internet access.

Xpedite is a wholly owned subsidiary of HHL Holdings Inc., the parent company of Honolulu HomeLoans
Inc. and Honolulu Property Management LLC. Honolulu HomeLoans Inc., NMLS #314918, is Hawaii’s
largest locally owned mortgage banker. The firm provides residential loans and refinancing of existing
mortgages directly to consumers. Honolulu Property Management provides the highest level of professional,
technologically advanced and supportive property management services on Oahu, currently overseeing
nearly 600 residential units across Oahu for more than 500 owners who reside worldwide.