Customer Contact Center

Contact Center

When customers or prospects interact with your company and brand, it’s important that they
receive the most professional experience possible. Every phone call, email or web chat is a
direct reflection of your company and has an impact on customer retention rates and your
bottom line. Our highly skilled staff is carefully recruited and trained so your customers receive
a professional service experience.

Our Customer Contact Center offers these comprehensive services:

24X7 call center support
  ● Experienced Customer Service Representatives with excellent language skills
  ● High quality audio utilizing VOIP technology
  ● Flexible and fully programmable local phone numbers 
  ● Software that captures relevant data and recording of all calls
  ● Remote monitoring capabilities

Email/text correspondence and/or real-time chat support
Full in-bound and out-bound capabilities

Current applications (Inbound):
  ● Property management maintenance coordination
  ● Restaurant take-out centralized ordering

Current applications (Outbound):
  ● Updating of customer records
  ● Accounts receivable management
  ● Sales lead generation
  ● Customer surveys
  ● Executive assistant/scheduler